What We Look For

In order to bring meaningful change, one needs to surround themselves with like-minded people.

At Samy Media, every day is a new inspirational story of a team of highly passionate individuals overcoming extraordinary challenges to help our clients realize their goals and aspirations.

How Do We Think?

Well, some of us are analytically gifted; some of us are creative geniuses; some of us are inspiring leaders. But all of us have one thing in common – we are all relentless agents of excellence. We harness our collective proficiency, brilliance, and hard work to overcome any challenge facing our clients and us.

Unstoppable and Unyielding

True greatness is not realized without its share of sacrifices. When the deadlines are close, and the end is nowhere in sight, we put in long hours and even sacrifice our weekends to make the unimaginable possible.

The unadulterated joy and euphoria that follow such accomplishments are inexplicable. The competitive salaries, the plethora of perks and benefits, and the talent-nurturing environment that we offer are the icing on the cake.

We nurture our in-house talent to transform them into industry-leading experts and future leaders. The meritocratic work culture at SAMY MEDIA opens up a world of opportunities for career growth.

Qualities We Look For

Creativity - The saying goes – Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. Well, it’s the constant re-imagining and reinventing of the wheel that took us from the stone wheels of the past to the modern engineering marvels that are car wheels. We look for people with unhindered imaginations.

They must have the ability to come up with inventive solutions where most people cannot even see a problem.

Passion - Passion is infectious. We look for talented individuals who are passionate about the work they do and take deep satisfaction in the quality of the outcomes they produce. Fiery passion is what drives us to chase the formidable and make miracles happen, routinely.

Initiative - We look for enterprising individuals who are not afraid to take charge and lead. Individuals who have demonstrated leadership qualities, be it in career, education, sports, or other activities, can inspire others to realize their vision. We depend on such leaders to bring individuals together, ignite passion in them, and deliver excellence.

Scrupulousness - Scrupulous individuals leave nothing to chance. They are meticulous and attentive to details. They painstakingly plan everything, are well-organized, and are dependable. They always deliver what they are entrusted with.

Adaptability - We work with clients who operate in dynamic and rapidly evolving environments. Therefore, we look for individuals who can adapt fast to the changing requirements on the client’s side and embrace the change effortlessly.